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Wolf Windsor Heritage Double Winder Navy 452617

Wolf Windsor Heritage Double Winder Navy 452617

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Introducing the Wolf Windsor Heritage Double Winder in Navy (Model 452617) – a harmonious blend of retro aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, designed to keep your timepieces impeccably wound and on display in style.

  • Retro Elegance: Embodying retro shapes and colors, the Windsor double winder adds a touch of timeless sophistication to your watch collection.

  • Precision Engineering: Featuring two winding modules equipped with patented technology, this winder ensures that your watches are accurately wound to keep them running smoothly and on time.

  • Customizable Settings: With directional settings including clockwise, counter-clockwise, and bi-directional rotations, you can tailor the winder to meet the specific needs of your watches.

  • Secure Fit: The watch cuff is meticulously crafted to accommodate larger and heavier watches, up to 52mm in case diameter, ensuring a snug and secure fit during rotation.

  • Versatile Power Options: Whether you prefer AC power using the included universal adapter or D-Cell/Lithium batteries (not included), the winder offers convenient and flexible power options to suit your preferences.

  • Premium Materials: Crafted with smooth vegan leather and lined with luxurious fabric, the winder provides a refined and gentle resting place for your treasured timepieces.

  • Glass Cover: The winder features a locking glass cover, allowing you to admire your watches while keeping them securely protected from dust and debris.

Elevate your watch collection with the Wolf Windsor Heritage Double Winder in Navy – where classic design meets innovative functionality.

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