Collection: CASIO


Casio watches quickly became a hit after their release in 1974. The Casio company was pioneering the mass production of quartz watches, which were run electronically. These were the world’s first successful electronic watches, and they were the height of fashion and technology. This first product was called the Casiotron and it sold like wildfire. The watch was innovative and trendy, with a small computer screen that allowed the wearer to not only accurately tell the time, but also tell the date too. These functions might be taken for granted today, but in the 1970s, this was groundbreaking technology.

With the success of their digital quartz watches, Casio took their technology even further than digital watches had ever been taken before. They began developing their famed G-Shock range, which became the precursors for the robust, digital watches that are still around today. No longer were watches delicate and fragile. The G-Shock introduced the world to a rugged, yet technologically refined watch that could survive almost anything. Casio did for the watch industry what GoPro would later do for the camera industry.