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Wolf Heritage Single Winder 270002

Wolf Heritage Single Winder 270002

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Introducing the Wolf Heritage Single Winder in Black (Model 270002) – a pinnacle of functional, classically designed innovation tailored for the modern man. Elevate your timepiece with this single winder from the Heritage Men's Collection, blending sophistication with patented technology.

  • Precision Winding: This winder is more than just a display; it's a patented innovation. Unlike other winders that estimate rotations, every Wolf winder counts the precise number. Ensuring the accuracy of your watch's winding is an integral part of Wolf's commitment to quality.

  • Secure Watch Fit: The watch cuff has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate larger and heavier watches, with a capacity for up to 52mm cases. The new cuff design "locks" into the rotator drum, providing a secure fit for your valuable timepiece.

  • Directional Settings: Choose from Clockwise, Counter Clockwise, and Bi-directional rotations to suit the specific winding requirements of your automatic watch.

  • Optimized Rotation Programs: The winder boasts a 10-second start delay and 900 TPD (Turns Per Day). It features patented rotation programs, including intermittent rotation with pause and sleep phases pre-programmed. Opt for bi-directional rotation to double the TPD for added flexibility.

  • Power Options: Whether you prefer the convenience of AC power (universal adapter included) or the flexibility of D-Cell/Lithium batteries (not included), this winder caters to your lifestyle.

  • Glass Cover and Vegan Leather: The winder comes with a glass cover, allowing you to showcase your watch while keeping it protected. The black smooth faux leather and satin lining add a touch of luxury, reflecting the Heritage Men's Collection's commitment to both style and substance.

Elevate your timekeeping experience with the Wolf Heritage Single Winder in Black – where precision meets sophistication, ensuring your automatic watch stays in perfect rhythm.

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