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Wolf Watchboxes Christmas Clearance Sale

Watch Avenue presents the Wolf Watchboxes Chrismas Clearance Sale, if you are looking for Wolf 1834 watchboxes then must check out our sale first we have some fantastic deals on all Wolf 1834 items, including watchboxes, watch winders, shoe shine kits and coin holders.

Wolf 1834 are the foremost provider of watch related leather goods accessories in the world established in 1834 in America with over 5 generations they are still a family run company.

We have an extensive range of colours and finishes 10 piece watchboxes, single watch winders, coin holders and 5 piece watch boxes.

You can view the sales items here

Wolf Watchboxes Chrismas Clearance Sale

You can view a video of the offers here

Wolf Watchboxes Chrismas Clearance Sale


Posted 30/11/2017
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Lego Classic and Lego City | Kids Watches | Kids Clocks

Lego is popular and big part now and in the past of childrens play and lives. The Classic collection and City collection have endured the test of time and are still popular even in modern times.

The collection of colurful watches and clocks are powered by quartz movements and have alarm features for sleepy heads and light up in the dark.

So if you are a parent, friend or grand parent looking for an ideal gift that looks great and is educational at the same time you cannot go wrong with a Lego Kids watch or clock.

We have a huge selction for you to choose from you can shop the Lego collection here  

You can also view a video of the collections at this link





Posted 13/06/2017
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Key reasons to choose a Hirsch watch strap

Hirsch watch straps the first choice for replacement watch straps for luxury watches. Watch Avenue is an Official Stockists for Hirsch quality watch straps in the UK with after service.

Hirsch watch strap are well known in watch circles for their attention to detail, quality of leather, value for money and longevity. Based in the heart of Austria, Hirsch was established in 1765. The production facilities are second to none and invest considerable amounts of money into research and development.

See the video here Hirsch Watch Straps


Enhance the appearance of your watch, it is amazing how the right colour combination or new watch strap can transform a tired looking beaten watch to a new vibrant timepiece.


Day to day, wear and tear can be harsh on watch straps. Hirsch are continuously improving and refining their products to ensure they can meet the demands of their wearers.


All Hirsch watch straps are sauna tested. Lesser watch straps are shown to become brittle and can in some cases break. Hirsch though are very durable surviving extreme combinations of heat, moisture and sweat. They always keep their shape, pleasant to wear and have great longevity.


In co-operation with the prestigious Vienna Dermatological University Clinic, Hirsch have developed a protective coating called Pro Skin. This ensures that people with sensitive skin can wear for a long time. It is dermatologically tested system that can prevent the irritations of the skin by leather products.

Water Resistance

Generally, all Hirsh watch straps are great in the water, drying out much quicker that cheaper more conventional watch straps. But they do not lose any of the suppleness, functionality or more important looks. Exceeding these standards are their 100m Water resistant range and the Performance collection. Developed with water use top of mind these straps can be worn for diving or swimming.


A lot of focus on Hirsch watch straps is centred on the wearers comfort. It is important that the watch straps are soft, supple and comfortable to wear daily. Hirsch, achieve this by taking exceptional care on the combination of the 3 most important components of a watch strap the upper leather, padding and lining leather. They have their own named technique the Hirsch Remborde. This process fuses the components of the watch strap by means of pressure and heat. The subsequent step of shape enhancement (round embossing of the edges) ensures that the watch strap edges are kept supple and soft.


The purpose and how the wearer lives his life and habits can have considerable bearing on the life of any watch strap. It is important that wearers can be reassured that the product they have invested in is of top quality in terms of manufacture, comfort and safety. All Hirsch Classic watch straps have a standard one year guarantee for the physical quality. The more functional Hirsch Performance collection guarantee is increased to 30 months.


As a family business, Hirsch does take its social, ecological and economic responsibility seriously. Any leathers and bracelets are sourced ethically and do not present any risk to health or the environment. Our inhouse ISO 9001 certified laboratory monitors the entire process of production from raw materials to the finished article. Hirsch also adopts an active recycling programme and utilises various forms of sustainable energy in the production process.

You can shop the various collections here 

Hirsch Genuine Skin Watch Straps

Hirsch Leather Watch Straps

Hirsch Performance Watch Straps

Hirsch Curved Ended Watch Straps

Hirsch Embossed Leather Watch Straps

Hirsch Rubber Watch Straps

Hirsch Open Ended Watch Straps

Hirsch Waterproof Watch Straps


Posted 24/05/2017
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Top Seven Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Father's Day was a creation first concieved in the USA not as some would think to drive people to the shops but a more altogether nobler sentiment. Devistated by a tragic mining accident that cliamed the lives of over 300 men in the early 20th century. The remaing families looked to comemmorate thier their fathers and thus Father's Day was established as the 3rd Sunday in June on an annual basis. The idea spread rapidly all over the Globe and is now enshrined in the USA as a public holiday and is celebrated in the UK too as a major retailing event. Where families pay tribute to their Dads by giving small gifts. 

Here at Watch Avenue we thought we would give you some inspiration with our top seven gift ideas for fathers day post we even have a video you can view here:

Top Seven Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Posted 23/05/2017
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Green Times | Wooden Watches | Eco-Friendly | 100% Natural | Sustainable Resources

Green Time

Wooden Watches that are hand-made from 100% natural hardwoods such as Koa, Sandlewood, Maple, Zebrano from sustainable resources. These watches are designed to help and respect our planet. All GreenTime products are completely devoid of toxic and artificial materials, designed with a low environmental impact. This, together with the special design of 100% recyclable packaging, self-dispatching and shipped flat to optimize and reduce harmful emissions, identifies our philosophy: respect for the environment.

See our new video here

 Green Time | Wooden Watches | Watch Avenue

You can Shop the collection here


Posted 26/05/2017
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Watch Avenue integrates Feefo review system

We are delighted to integrate Feefo consumer review technology on the WatchAvenue website.

Launched this week on our website, when you buy from you will be emailed shortly after the arrival of your order, to ask for feedback on our product & service. As our reviews are gathered the Feefo badge at the footer of our website as well as our company page on the Feefo site, will show ratings and performance regarding our most recent orders.

We trust showing this feedback will give our clients old and new even further confidence whilst shopping with us at

Posted 17/02/2017
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Quartz vs Automatic Watches

Choosing the right watch can be a hard task but there are some basic points to understand before you make up your mind as to what to buy.

 How watches work: an intro.

 Quartz Watches

 One of the first things to consider when looking at a new watch is what type of movement to go for.  The movement or calibre of a watch is the part of the watch that makes it tick. Most fashion watches are powered by a Quartz movement, which uses an oscillator, in conjunction with a piece of quartz and a battery to keep time. Quartz watches are usually affordable to produce and are extremely accurate.

 Automatic Watches

 “Real” Watch enthusiasts will argue that only mechanical movements are a welcome addition to their collection. Whilst some brands still produce manually wound models, most premium watches are now automatic.

 An automatic watch is powered by the wearer’s wrist. When the wrist moves, the movement winds the mainspring, which powers the watch. Many traditional Swiss manufacturers like Rolex, Omega produce their own movement however the less established, independent brands typically use Automatic movements from companies like ETA or Sellita.


Despite the allure and exclusive feel of an Automatic watch, Quartz timepieces offer unrivalled accuracy, so why do Mechanical watches gain so much attention?


The truth is an Automatic watch has character and personality, it’s a living object that beats with you and for most people a watch, regardless of price, is now an extension of their personality, a way to express themselves. Automatic watches also feature a sweeping (smooth) second hand, as supposed to the quartz stop and start.


Automatic Watches stop working if unworn for some time, most tend to work for 36-48 hours while some can work for up to five days. Watch collectors sometimes invest in a watch winder to store their automatic watches in, allowing their watches to turn (move) whilst in storage, keeping them charged.


Budget and movement type aside, watches can be categorised in 5 common style genres. Next week we will discuss these in our blog.

Posted 11/02/2017
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Repair your watch with a replacement designer watch strap

Posted 07/02/2017
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The 5 Top Watch Boxes for Men

The 5 Top Watch Boxes for Men

Watch Boxes are a necessity to men who have quite the timepiece collection and care to keep them in order. By providing a way to ensure your watches are kept in the best condition possible or even just having a place to leave them after a hard-working day, a watch box is worth that extra spending as a personal investment or a beloved gift. Whether you are looking one that holds a vast collection or one perfect for travelling, these top five watch boxes will have what you need.


1.The Blake Watch Roll, £52.00

Perfect for the travelling gentleman who wants to keep his watch collection in order, the Blake watch roll is compact and can hold up to five pieces. The stylish purple interior contrasting with the outer black pebble grain leather makes this watch box stand out for all the right reasons. At only £52, its value is in it’s ease in protecting your watches whilst you’re on the go, or can be the perfect gift for the man who isn’t afraid to be bold.


2. Wolf Designs Watch Box with Drawer, £134.00

This watch box provides a comprehensive solution for organising your watch collection. With plenty of space for 10 models and a complementary drawer for collar studs, cufflinks and rings, wolf designs’ watch box at £134 offers an inclusive and stylish approach to storage. The handcrafted, pebble finish exterior is combined with a tempered glass lid and a lock and key to create a truly sharp design. Our favourite is the classic black and grey, although this best seller also comes in a warmer brown and orange or bold black and purple.


3. The Savoy Watch Box, £118.00

The black silk lining inside this sturdy, jet-black watch box is the epitome of luxury watch boxes. Fitting up to 5 watches, the savoy offers a tempered glass-viewing window for admiration of your collection whilst retaining an authentic and classic appearance. Available in an additional oaky brown ‘burlwood’, this is a subtle yet charming gift allowing him to store his watches in the finest way.


4.Wolf Designs Ten Piece Watch Box, £88

If in search of a compromise between the five piece and the fifteen, this classic Wolf Design ten piece watch box is what you need. With the traditional appearance of a Wolf Design model but an intermediate option in terms of size, this watch box provides storage in good taste and high quality.

5. Wolf Designs Five Piece Watch Box, £60

This watch box is ideal if in need of versatility, perfect for storage of up to five watches at home or on the go. The solid black wood contrasts with the ornate silver silk interior, which can be seen through the sturdy glass lid, making its appearance seem significantly more expensive than only £60. Like the other Wolf Design models, it’s also available in a brown and orange combination.

Watch Avenue offers a vast selection of men, women’s and children’s watches complimented by a variety of accessories to offer an inclusive service to our customers. Through providing a range of the quality brands at a range of prices on our state of the art online store we aspire deliver to you your ideal product or gift.

Posted 13/04/2016
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Limit Watches arrive at Watch Avenue

An Introduction to Limit Watches


Watch Avenue have recently introduced the worldwide brand Limit to our product portfolio. The wide range of both elegant and sports watches for men, women and children guarantee a perfect pick for everyone, whether it’s analogue or digital you desire.


As an authentic British brand established in 1912, we look forward to welcoming their iconic brand that has stood the test of time for over 100 years. After a recent entire rebrand, Limit is looking to communicate a stronger aesthetic to consumers representing their history in the modern era. Watch Avenue is an ideal retailer, offering a combined selection of both classic brands and the contemporary.


The kids watches include the Active range for which offer 100 metres deep water resistance and a selection of bright colours, making them ideal for adventures. For boys, Limit also offers a Racing collection with a light up face, stopwatch and alarm. They even come strapped to a racing car seat, which doubles up as the perfect mobile phone holder and is an ideal and exciting gift.


Water resistance is also available at either 100 or 200 metres in the men and women’s ranges of sport watches with tough silicone straps, stopwatches and alarms making them ideal for any activity and even meeting training goals. On the other hand, classic and fashionable ranges are also available with modern and striking designs or elegant classics.

Posted 13/04/2016
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